Small group classes

Within the Autistic Spectrum there are many abilities and skills that our geniuses can develop and acquire. In our programme we create a learning project based on each student and we use our experience to adapt to the challenges of nurturing and nourishing these little minds. Our Geniuses see the world in a totally different way to the rest, which is why at GENIUS we offer small group classes, just two students per hour. With this ratio we ensure that each student feels comfortable in the classroom.

What will they learn in the lessons?

In our classes we will focus on basic communication within the Autistic Spectrum, social interactions, motor development and intervention of repetitive or restrictive behaviours.

how to access the lessons?

The classes will take place in person, before starting the student will have an interview, in which we will study if he/she is suitable for the programme and thus be able to decide who will be an ideal partner for his/her personal and emotional development.

What is the timetable?

Once you contact the website, we will contact you for a meeting where we will offer you a monthly calendar adapted to your needs and those of your child. At that time you will be able to decide the number of classes you will attend per month.